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NOT A FINISHED PRODUCT. This is just the first chunk of me scratching this out and wanting to post it somewhere.

The ability to set things on fire with one’s brain (among other magical feats) was generally something that either came from long years of study, or suddenly with the onset of puberty - at least as far as Darcy was aware. There was plenty of support for both systems in fiction, though she’d wager that the latter was a bit more common in real life, what with the mutants starting to become a thing. Regardless, this was something that someone who recently graduated college did not spontaneously develop. It just didn’t happen.

Which was why Darcy wrote off the trash fire (that seemed to start spontaneously one day as she paced and ranted in her bedroom after a bad day) as a fluke, set off by a candle she’d forgotten she was burning or something else mundane and explicable. She wrote off how she’d suddenly started being able to find things as soon as she started looking, how she’d started being able to get to work on time even if she’d left for a 15 minute walk with only 5 minutes until she was supposed to be there.

It was a little harder to write off how her iPod seemed to go so much longer without charging, but she wasn’t going to look that particular gift horse in the mouth.

If she thought too hard about it, she’d admit that it was starting to get unsettling, but other than the spontaneous fire that definitely hadn’t been set by a candle because there had been no candle in there after she dumped her water on it there hadn’t been anything concrete - just a lot of little weird coincidences. You did not ask your best friend to get in touch with her superhero god boyfriend and his team about little weird coincidences, even if Thor probably would’ve been perfectly happy to help her out. All he’d say would be that she was a lucky young woman and that there was nothing at all strange about a streak of good luck. That’s what she told herself, anyway.

She kept up believing that for a few weeks - through packing up her dorm room, packing up her room back in her mom’s house, moving across the country, finding an apartment in New York, and starting her job hunting. And then she was walking home one day when some shitstain villain or other decided that attacking the city was a great plan, and came careening around a corner exploding things, the Avengers in pursuit. A particularly close explosion send a bunch of people - herself included - sprawling to the ground, including the young girl and her parents who were walking ahead of Darcy when it happened. She shaded her eyes and looked up in time to see Thor knock the guy unconscious just as one of his gadgets exploded, sending rubble flying from 15 stories up.

Now, Darcy never considered herself a hero type. She was never self-sacrificing, and she was the most concerned about how things affected her, followed by the people she cared about most, who were currently her mom and Jane. She didn’t do stupid risky things to help keep other people safe.

But when you see a large chunk of building falling directly towards yourself and the little girl only an arm’s length away from you... well, what can you do but throw yourself over that kid and hope for the best?

The girl was screaming and sobbing, and Darcy didn’t really even think before lunging towards her and trying to cover the child’s body with her own. There was a... tremor, like something heavy hitting the ground, and she thought any second, any second it was going to be right on them... Except that it never happened. The sound of rubble hitting the ground tapered off, until all that Darcy could hear was the screaming of bystanders, the sirens as police and EMTs raced towards them, and the sound of Iron Man’s repulsors, almost directly above her. Oh, she thought, Iron Man grabbed it and saved our lives, cool! She let go of the little girl and turned to look up, intending to thank him--

Only to find that there was a shimmering dome about six feet across over her and the little girl, and that there was absolutely no rubble within the perimeter.

“Hey, kid,” Iron Man said, hovering above her and kind of freaking her out. “Why don’t you just turn that off or whatever you need to do, so that little girl can get back to her parents?”

“What?” Darcy turned behind her, saw the girl’s parents pulling themselves to their feet a couple yards away, looking around frantically. The dome fizzled out of existence, and the little girl scrambled away from Darcy to them.

“Mom, the magic lady saved me!”


“So, you’re our hero, miss?” Captain America asked her with a distracted smile as he walked over. “That was awful brave of you.”


“Oh, this is just stupid,” Darcy declared, and passed out.

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