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Jan. 9th, 2013 01:55 am
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NOT A FINISHED PRODUCT. This is just the first chunk of me scratching this out and wanting to post it somewhere.

The ability to set things on fire with one’s brain (among other magical feats) was generally something that either came from long years of study, or suddenly with the onset of puberty - at least as far as Darcy was aware. There was plenty of support for both systems in fiction, though she’d wager that the latter was a bit more common in real life, what with the mutants starting to become a thing. Regardless, this was something that someone who recently graduated college did not spontaneously develop. It just didn’t happen.

'Oh this is just stupid.' )
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[ So, the thing any fresh college graduate wants is to have secret agents show up at their apartment with a box of things, asking you to sign for it because you're listed as the next of kin for the guy who once stole your ipod but they can't tell you why because it's "classified".


So Darcy's living in an apartment in Queens because like hell she wants to go home to the west coast, it is boring out there, and there's this box that just sits next to her combination sofa and pull-out-bed (that she actually sleeps in, to her back's dismay) that she's peeked at but never really gone through because THIS IS WEIRD AND CREEPY and she'd really rather throw it away, but how can she throw away the stuff when she doesn't even know why Agent iPod Thief had her listed as next of kin in the first place?

Soooo as she waitresses and looks for a job she can actually use her degree in and wishes she'd taken up Jane's offer of resuming her old duties after she graduated, the box just sits there.



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