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[ So, the thing any fresh college graduate wants is to have secret agents show up at their apartment with a box of things, asking you to sign for it because you're listed as the next of kin for the guy who once stole your ipod but they can't tell you why because it's "classified".


So Darcy's living in an apartment in Queens because like hell she wants to go home to the west coast, it is boring out there, and there's this box that just sits next to her combination sofa and pull-out-bed (that she actually sleeps in, to her back's dismay) that she's peeked at but never really gone through because THIS IS WEIRD AND CREEPY and she'd really rather throw it away, but how can she throw away the stuff when she doesn't even know why Agent iPod Thief had her listed as next of kin in the first place?

Soooo as she waitresses and looks for a job she can actually use her degree in and wishes she'd taken up Jane's offer of resuming her old duties after she graduated, the box just sits there.

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[And that box waited for MONTHS. Seriously, months, because that was how long it took for him to actually recover. His place was packed, stored and the lease was broke. His things were packed up and sent away. Somethings were listed to go to a couple of people. Others to next of Kin. Mostly, he had meant to have his assets sent to his next of kin... his only next of kin, so she would at least be somewhat set. But he hadn't expected to die nd come back to life again.]

[There was also that small feeling of mild regret for a lot of things poking at the back of his mind. SO, and excuse to come and retreave his things, whaat's left of them, from Darcy's place was easy enough to use.]

[He'd shown up, staking out the place for a bit, realizing the girl was home. It took two more days to actually force himself out of the car, fix his jacket, strighten his tie, and step in behind a little old lady who seemed to live in the apartment complex. He helped her up a flight of steps, and continued on to Darcy's door after]

[He knew she was home. He'd seen her leave work as well as enter the apartment---yes, it was a small level of stalking. Sorry-- but he knocked on the door with a short series of wraps]
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[No one was buzzed in because he's that amazing and knows how to charm a old woman. That and even if that old woman didn't let him in, he could have got in. It's all good.]

[He gave her his best Smug Agetn Smile at that.]

Something like that. [being dead is overrated.] Good afternoon, Miss Lewis.
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[Well, color him slightly surprised aas he gets yoinked into her place. In a blink of an eye he was pulled in and she was continuing her rant about... well, okay so maybe she had a small right to rant at him.]

[Damn it, they didn't tell her more then Next of Kin? Well, that would make it easer to back peddle out of this, wont it?]

Seems to have been a mix up in the office is all. I was told that after my current... condition, they reported me dead and my things got scattered. My apologies if they have caused you any inconvienance.
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What would you rather me go with?

[reciving the deadpan back...]
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[The fork doesn't worry him. He's ran into much more frightening people. Though she is intimadating, in her own way]

You wont like the answer.
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[Funny how that works. Speaking of...]

You are listed as my next of kin because you are my only next of kin.

[You know, it's not really as easy as he expected it to be to say this to her. And he has tried to figuring it out, after all this time.]
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[He opened his mouth to say it but then paused. Wow, it was easier to tell parents their Agent child was killed in a mindless battle. Great]

I suppose if you really want to know, it doesn't have to be classified.

[yep, beat around the bush. Good job COulson]
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[He took a moment, before he asked flatly, though with a bit of a odd smile]

How's you're mother doing?
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[well... that paid off for a lot mroe amusing then he thought it would.]

I'm not avoiding the subject. I'm leading up to it. I haven't spoken to Kate in a while. Not sunce around summer, but then again I've been a bit busy.

[hands in pockets, eyes sharply watching her for reactions]

Good to hear she's with the Portland Symphony again. I'm glad she made that move before the invasion hit New York.
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[He's proud]

Mmm. Off and on, yes.

[the most simple answers now...]
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[he opened his mouth, taking a breath at the same time, about to speak then... on the exhail said] That's where it get's complciated.

[He glanced off to look around her apartment space, from where they stood at the front door. His hands in his pockets, eyes wandering a bit, taking in the details.]

I didn't realize who you were until after that incident. Needed to do some research to confirm it, actually. You look a lot like your mother, after all.
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I never cared much for math either.

[out of everything said... that was the first thing he mentioned/ really? Ah, but he did go on, stepping in a bit more to look curiously at her place as he spoke]

I did actually contact her. It's why we met up again after all this time. I have good resorces. Contacting an old girlfriend isn't hard to do, even after you lose contact. I said "Hey, Kate, I know you have a beautiful daughter. College aged now, yes? She wouldn't happen to be in New Mexico right now, would she?" and Kate said "Why yes, Phil, she is, she's interning to get out of taking another math class."

[it was said straight faced and with ease, eyes glancing back to the girl. She really did remind him of her mother. It made him smile.]
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I'd say you were two.

[wait, waht? Ah, right. So, he didn't know she was born, but when he found out about her, it was jsut after her 2ed birthday. That had been a complex time. Though Kate said she was fine on her own, and sicne somewhere in there the announcement of him not sticking around had happened... well, he left a stuffed lion and complied with the families wishes.]

[He's pretty sure Kate's mother and father both disliekd him greatly, actually.]
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Really? [Huh. He sounded... surpprised by that, actually. Kate never told him that, when they were dating not long ago. Huh, that was interesting.] Huh, didn't know that.

[There was a odd little smile at that thought. She hadn't dated for that many years huh? Well, he hadn't either, really. He didn't date. Not really.]

I knew Kate back before, oh, a while before you were born. I'd say a good ten months or so before you were born.
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[Aww, he would rather like that quote. He'd agree with msot of it, though he never thought of his time with Kate as a mistake.]

[Also, another clear sign that Darcy doesn't like math.]

No stalking needed, Miss Lewis. Darcy... [he said lightly, coming in a bit further as she went for the box, only to stop as he saw the stuffed lion, haphazardly tucked into the bed, half under a pillow.]

Nice lion. [from here it was hard to tell what it was. It was half hidden. But he knew it. Very well. It could be a bear for all anyone knew, but he knew it was a Lion.]
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Not at all. [He said lightly, his hand uncontiously reaching up to rub at a spot under hsi suit jacket. His eyes glanced away from teh lion and the girl]

I remember picking it out, however. Some time ago. [ah ha, not looking at the girl now, and a sad little smile replaced that smug default Agent smile of his.] You were two.
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[well, on the outside, she seems to be taking it pretty well. Huh. He's looking back at her again, holding the box and watching him.]

[Moving in to offer hands out, to take his box back from her, he spoke softly.]

Perhaps this is something Kate would rather talk to you about. I'm sure I've said too much as it is.
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[since she didn't hand it o ver he didn't take it. Simple as that.]

I had no intentions of dropping this box off on you and returning for it. The original plan was if you recived it, that was that. I... wanted to make sure you were still, um... [that he was still able to provide for her, jsut a bit. He'd made sure that Kate had some form of income coming in from him for some time after all. Even if she refused it most of the time. After she stopped taking it he set it aside in a bank account. One she would have found if she opeend the box to some of the files inside.]

[No one could say he didn't think things through to the end]

I... apologize for... dropping so much on you like this, Darcy.
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[All perfectly acctable. Really. He can't fault her thoughts here. After all, he did seem to be pretty much out of her life, or as much as he possibly could be for the longest time.]

[Phil COulson frowned. It does happen. He frowns, and right now he was frowning as he treid to decide how to go about this. Kate should be the one telling her all this, not him. If Kate wanted her to know it, she should have told her.]

WHen asked never to come back... that it would put the two of you into danger, I couldn't fault any of them for that fear. Last thing I wanted to see was any of you hurt. It was agreed that I shouldn't stick around.

[an agreement he never really felt okay with.] And I tried to help, privatly, when I could. You must not have looked inside the box. Or they packed it wrong.
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[He didn't want her to think of the people she grew up with as different though, so after a moment, he tiredly lowered a hand, back to hsi pocket and sighed]

Maybe it will be easier to just keep assuming it was me. [He shook his head, glancing off at the little fold out bed. That has got to be murder on her back.] Kate and I had a thing for... months. Then I got shipped out somewhere that I couldn't talk about. Classified. When I returned months later, it was safer for her if she and I weren't... together. Apparently people were checking your family out at the time I was gone. I couldn't have that.

Kate and I broke up and wen't our own ways. I ran into her again years later, with a beautiful baby girl. [a pause, looking at the girl again. His voice had more emotion then she's sure to have ever heard from him before. Alsmot pleading.]

Darcy, you have to believe me. I would have dropped everything to be with you two. But... Kate wouldn't allow it. Nore would her parents. The fact that my presence there made you all a target was enough to keep me away. [he gave a little helpless shrug at that, knowing it's all not a veyr good excuse]
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[Thank the maker for small blessings. The subject change, although hard for him to talk about, was SO much easier to handle then this.]

Technically, I was dead for a good six minutes, give or take. [and then again about three more times after the first time.] Took a bad hit just before the invasion. The Director thoght it would be easier to say I was dead. I suppose it didn't get to everyone that I wasn't dead until after they split up my things and cleared out my apartment.